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My maps and illustrations have appeared in these publications and magazines...

Canadian National Railways
CSX Transportation
Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range Railway

By Tim Doherty
and Brian Solomon

By Brian Solomon

Canadian National Railway
By Tom Murray

By Brian Solomon

Duluth, Missabe
& Iron Range
By John Leopard

Jimmy Stewart. Bomber Pilot
North American Railyards
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway
NYW&B: 1906-1946
Forgotten Railroads Through Westchester County

Jimmy Stewart: Bomber Pilot
By Starr Smith

North American Railyards
By Michael Rhodes

Burlington Northern Santa Fe
By Brian Solomon

New York, Westchester & Boston: 1906-1946
By Robert A. Bang

Forgotten Railroads Through Westchester
By Otto M. Vondrak,
et. al.

Route 66: Lost & Found
Route 66: Lost & Found Vol. 2
North American Railroad Bridges
New York Central Railroad
Milwaukee Road Hiawathas

Route 66: Lost & Found
By Russell Olsen

Route 66: Lost & Found
Relics Revisited Vol. 2
By Russell Olsen

North American Railroad Bridges
By Brian Solomon

New York Central
By Brian Solomon and Mike Schafer

Milwaukee Road Hiawathas
By Brian Solomon and John Gruber

Last Man Out: Surviving the Burma-Thailand Death Railway
The Railroad Never Sleeps
Railroads of Pennsylvania
VIA Rail Canada
Chicago: City on the Move

Last Man Out: Surviving the Death Railway
By H. Robert Charles

The Railroad Never Sleeps
By Brian Solomon

Railroads of Pennsylvania
By Brian Solomon

VIA Rail
By Christopher Greenlaw

City on the Move

By Williams, Cahan, Moffatt

Railroads of California
Coal Trains
Electro-Motive  E-Units and F-Units  By Brian Solomon
Route 66 Lost & Found Russell A. Olsen

Railroads of California
By Brian Solomon

Coal Trains
By Brian Solomon
and Patrick Yough

E-Units and F-Units
By Brian Solomon

Route 66 Lost & Found
Russell A. Olsen

Delaware & Hudson Passenger Trains: The Final Decade
Metro-North's Hudson Line
Rails Across New England
Rails Accross New England: Vol. 2

Delaware & Hudson Passenger Trains
By Doug Lezette

Hudson Line

By Tom Patteniere

Rails Across
New England: 1

By Mike Confalone

Rails Across
New England: 2

By Mike Confalone

I have authored the following articles and titles...

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©1999-2013 otto m. vondrak ::


Railfan & Railroad
Trolleys at Twilight/Railfan & Railroad/August 2013 Digital Edition

The New York Museum of Transporation, New York State’s only operating trolley museum, puts on a show after dark.

Railfan & Railroad
High Line Park/Railfan & Railroad/August 2013

While freight trains no longer roll down the elevated West Side Line, you’ll still enjoy the sights from New York City’s popular new park.

Railfan & Railroad
It's PAT!/Railfan & Railroad/July 2013

While not nearly as extensive as other Eastern cities, Pittsburgh’s commuter rail system enjoyed a brief reprise in the 1980s under the Port Authority's PATrain operation.

Railfan & Railroad
Cancelled Conrail Commuters/Railfan & Railroad/April 2013

When freight carrier Conrail began operations on April 1, 1976, a number of commuter train operations throughout the Midwest and Northeast became their (short-lived) responsibility.

Railfan & Railroad
NJ Transit at 30/Railfan & Railroad/March 2013

Over the last 30 years, NJ Transit has transformed five distinct commuter rail operations into a unified state-wide transportation system.

Railfan & Railroad
The Meteoric Rise of Metro-North/Railfan & Railroad/February 2013

Looking back at 30 years of Metro-North's accomplishments as they rebuilt the negelcted commuter lines radiating out of New York's Grand Central Terminal into the country's premiere rail operation.

Railfan & Railroad
A Millionaire's Mistake?/Railfan & Railroad/July 2012

A feature article commemorating the 100th anniversary of the New York, Westchester & Boston Railway; a doomed project built by the New Haven and backed by financier J.P. Morgan.

Railfan & Railroad
Take Me Out to the Ball Game/Railfan & Railroad/April 2012

Exploring major league baseball stadiums from coast to coast that are served by rail or rapid transit. Features the photography of several contributors.

Railroad Explorer - Fall 2011
Centerspread Photo/Railroad Explorer/Fall 2011

Centerspread photo in Fall 2011 issue of the Norfolk Southern "Office Car Special" making its way down the Delaware & Hudson mainline under dramatic stormy skies.

Railfan & Railroad - November 2011
Final Frame Photo/Railfan & Railroad/November 2011

Final Frame photo of Green Mountain Railroad's "White River Flyer" passenger train evoking an image of the old Rutland Railway at Loveland Curve in Norwich, Vermont.

Trains July 2009
Beam of Hope for Bridge Updates/Trains/July 2009

The Hillman Composite Beam shows potential to reduce costs, speed schedules. This new bridge building technology is being tested at TTC in Peublo, and shows great promise as railroads gear up for heavier loads.

Railroads Illustrated March 2009
FL9s: Cats With 9 Lives/Railroads Illustrated/March 2009
Article about the rapidly vanishing ex-New Haven FL9's on Metro-North branchlines, by George Povall. Photos by George Povall and Otto Vondrak.

Railroad Model Craftsman, December 2008
Hampton, N.J.: A plan for a Free-mo interchange
RMC/December 2008
This HO scale trackplan design is based on a once busy interchange between the Lackawanna and the Central Railroad of New Jersey. This mid-century branchline junction is well-suited for Free-mo operations.

Railpace November 2008
Tenth Annual Diesel Days at R&GVRRM/Railpace/November 2008
The Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum marks the tenth anniversary of it's annual Diesel Days celebration. This year marked the first time trolleys from NYMT would meet diesels from R&GVRRM.

Forgotten Railroads Through Westchester CountyForgotten Railroads Through Westchester County
Forgotten Railroads Through Westchester County/2008
Co-Authored, edited, designed, and produced this exclusive hardcover volume detailing the history of various "forgotten" rail lines of suburban Westchester County. Second successful collaborative self-publishing effort.

Railpace July 2008
Boy Scouts Invade Thomaston!/Railpace/July 2008
More than 150 Boy Scouts from New York and Connecticut participated in the 2006 Muscoot District Spring Camporee, hosted by the Railroad Museum of New England, operators of the Naugatuck Railroad.

Hudson Valley Magazine June 2008
CMRR: Back on Track/Hudson Valley Magazine/June 2008
Over the last few years, the Catskill Mountain railroad has experienced the most growth in their last 25 years. Now they stand poised for an even greater expansion, connecting to the Ashokan Reservoir.

Railpace June 2008
Catskill Mountain Railroad Photo Freight/Railpace/June 2008
Photographers gathered in Kingston, New York to visit the Catskill Mountain Railroad for their first-ever charter photo freight. The star of the show was recently repainted lightning-striped Alco RS-1 #401!

RMC July 2007
A Trackplan for the Woodstock Railway/RMC/March 2008
A thirteen mile shortline in the Vermont woods brought goods down from the mills to a connection with the Boston & Maine and the Central Vermont at White River Junction.

RMC July 2007
A Trackplan for the Puget Sound & Pacific/RMC/July 2007
This busy shortline serves an industrial urban area long Puget Sound. Street running, portside indsutrial parks, and waterfront bridges all add to the interest of this Washington state road.

Railfan & Railroad - December 2006
Railfanning in Dress Casual/Dan Gallo, Jr.
Railfan & Railroad/Dec. 2006
A number of my photos of rare FL9's and F10's on Metro-North's Danbury branch appeared in this excellent article by Dan Gallo, Jr.

A Tenth Anniversary Visit to the RIT Model Railroad Club
Railroad Model Craftsman/October 2006
Join us for a look at this growing HO scale college club layout. RITMRC was founded in 1996, and has been growing and expanding its activities ever since. Read all about the HO scale Rochester & Irondequoit Terminal, their proto-freelance club layout.

One Car or a Hundred: Ontario Central/Railroad Model Craftsman/June 2006
This upstate New York shortline operates 13 miles of the former Lehigh Valley mainline between Victor and an interchange with the Finger Lakes Railway in Shortsville. A detailed overview of the line accompanies a proposed model railroad track plan.

Photographer to Watch/CTC Board/May 2006
Selected images from my collection rounded out this gallery feature on my railroad photography. This was my first exposure to the national railfan-oriented press. Photos include Western Maryland Scenic steam, Metro-North FL9s, CSX freight, and more.

Railpace December 2005
Housatonic RS3m Debuts on Berkshire Scenic
Railpace/December 2005
In September 2005, Berkshire Scenic Railway reactivated Housatonic RS3m 9935 for occasional use on their scenic tourist trains that operate from Lenox to Stockbridge, MA.

RMC October 2005
A Trackplan for the Isle Royale Mining Co./RMC/October 2005
This railroad served Michigan's copper mines, bringing ore from the mountains to boats waiting to set sail across the Great Lakes. This steam era shortline has plenty of operating potential to keep several operators busy!

Railpace February 2005
Metro-North's Farewell to the ACMU Fantrip/Railpace/February 2005
I authored a feature on Metro-North's well-executed fantrip salute to the venerable ex-New York Central ACMU cars. The fantrip covered the Hudson and Harlem Lines as well as a brief visit to the New Haven Line.

RMC April 2005
Not Just Flatcars: Designing a Layout for the H&W/RMC/April 2005
The Hardwick & Woodbury was a Vermont shortline that brought granite and marble down out of the mountains for export all over the country. A fair amount of freight traffic helps round out this quarry road.

The Putnam Division/Town of Yorktown/2003
The town of Yorktown has just completed a new book in Arcadia's "Images of America" series regarding the history of the area. The town approached me to author the chapter regarding the old New York Central Putnam Division that once served the town. You can find a copy of the book here.

NYWB 1906-1946
New York, Westchester & Boston: 1906-1946/2004
Edited, designed, and produced this rare hardcover book detailing the construction and downfall of the New York, Westchester & Boston Railway. First collaborative effort with an independent self-publisher.

Railpace September 2004
Farewell to Boston's Last El/Railpace/September 2004
Documenting the last days of the MBTA's Green Line elevated trolley line around Boston before it was shut down in June to make way for another Big Dig project.

Railpace July 2004
End of the Line for Metro-North's ACMUs/Railpace/July 2004
These venerable electric m.u. cars were first purchased by the New York Central in the 1960s, and served several owners on the Hudson and Harlem Lines running out of Grand Central Terminal before they were retired in 2004.

RMC July 2004
I Could Model This!/Railroad Model Craftsman/January 2004
A lifelong resident of New York explores a small Texas town along the Union Pacific and takes note of local and regional details that make could make thes scene appealing to a model railroader like himself.

Sunset on the Champlain Flyer/Railpace/May 2003
This story follows the final days of this upstart Vermont passenger service, succumbing to political pressure in the end. Photo essay and text (including an interview with the General Manager) by Otto Vondrak.

Modeling a Modern Sanding Facility/Railroad Model Craftsman/February 2002
This HO model is based on a sanding facility built by Conrail to service its engines in Rochester, New York. The old sand hopper is used for sand storiage, and a simple air compressor delivers the material to the locomotives. The HO scale scene was appeared on our club layout.

Kitbashing an NJ Transit GP40FH-2/Railroad Model Craftsman/December 2001
Create a unique commuter locomotive using inexpensive techniques. We used a GP40 shell and an F40PH shell to create this N scale model.

A Foreign Interchange on the Livonia, Avon & Lakeville/RMC/Oct 2001
Based on a series of e-mails with a friend from England who wished to model ther upstate New York shortline, I created several small designs that could fill part of a small bedroom and still keep an operator interested.

Modeling the NYC's Harlem Division/Railroad Model Craftsman/July 2001
Combine the heavy schedules of the Harlem Division with the light traffic of the Putnam Division and Lake Mahopac Branch to create an interesting operating layout. This article was inspired by my childhood growing up in Katonah.

Rochester's Unique Subway/Railroad Model Craftsman/August 2000
A look at the old Rochester Subway, which not only provided public transport, but also served as an interchange for all of the city's connecting railroads. This article was inspired by my years of research and interest in the railroads of Rochester.

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